Police School Resource Officer 2024

Roanoke County   Roanoke, VA   Full-time     Law Enforcement / Security
Posted on June 10, 2024
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Performs protective service work involving general police duty that frequently involves an element of personal danger and is performed sometimes under emergency conditions. Enforces federal, state and local laws and ordinances. Promotes public knowledge of laws and ordinances and provides assistance to the public.

Provides safety and security to the student, staff, parents and grounds of Roanoke County Public Schools. Establish and maintain a close partnership with school administrators in order to provide a safe school environment. Be visible within the school community.

Performs other duties as assigned.

This is a grant funded position. The hourly rate will be $30 to $35 based on experience. The position will work during school hours.


  • Patrols assigned area during scheduled shift, observing for violations of traffic or other laws, issuing citations for violations. Observes for suspicious activities or persons and disturbances of law and order. Checks doors and windows of buildings or residences to ensure security
  • Responds to radio dispatches
  • Communicates effectively over the police radio channels
  • Ensures safe operation of assigned vehicle in emergency situations, congested traffic, inclement weather, and while operating a police radio
  • Pursues fleeing suspects and effects an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using approved maneuvers and/or weapons as applicable
  • Uses independent judgment in determining reasonable suspicion to detain and search, and probable cause to arrest a suspect
  • Performs rescue operations at accidents, disasters, and other emergency situations.
  • Performs protective services in situations that may involve lifting, carrying, dragging, climbing, crawling, jumping, gaining entrance through barriers, directing traffic for long periods of time, and extinguishing small fires through the use of a fire extinguisher or other appropriate means
  • Performs searches of people, vehicles, buildings and outdoor areas that may involve walking for long periods of time and detecting objects by using body senses
  • Operates issued firearms under conditions of stress and at levels of proficiency and certification as prescribed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services
  • Gathers and records information in criminal investigations by interviewing and obtaining the statements of victims, witnesses, suspects and confidential informants
  • Detects, preserves, and collects evidence and substances that form the basis of criminal offenses and infractions
  • Ensures investigative and descriptive reports and sketches are prepared using appropriate spelling, sentence structure, grammar, mathematical computations, and symbols
  • Transports prisoners and mentally ill persons using appropriate physical restraints
  • Demonstrates the effective preparation, comprehension, and processing of legal and non- legal documents including criminal and traffic citations, affidavits and search warrants
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills with people by listening, providing information, mediating disputes, advising of applicable rights and processes, and maintaining composure when confronted with hostile views and opinions of suspects and others encountered in an antagonistic environment
  • Provides testimony and evidence by conveying pertinent facts and details in court and other formal settings
  • Conducts visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time.



Required: High School diploma or equivalent


Required: Three years of experience working in a police capacity.

Certifications/ Licenses

Required: Valid Virginia driver's license with good driving record

Current Virginia DCJS law enforcement certification or have been certified within the last sixty months.

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice related trainings to obtain SRO certification will be provided if needed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • General knowledge of approved principles, techniques, and practices of police work; laws and ordinances governing local police work; and of the geography of the County and the location of important buildings
  • Skill in the use of firearms and the operation of a motor vehicle in emergency situations, inclement weather, and while operating a police radio
  • Skill in the use of computers for completion of police incident reports and for purposes of communication
  • Ability to comprehend and carry out oral and written instructions, both legal and non-legal
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Ability to analyze situations and to adopt quick, effective and reasonable courses of actions
  • Ability to deal courteously, firmly and tactfully with the public and to establish and maintain effective working relationships through good interpersonal skills
Additional Requirements

Must be a citizen of the United States, twenty-one (21) years of age by date of hire, and not have any felony convictions. Must not use tobacco products on or off duty to ensure compliance with the Virginia Heart and Lung Laws. Must maintain your baseline physical condition. Must be willing to update knowledge of law enforcement practices, legal issues, and equipment. Must meet all existing policies and procedures of the Roanoke County Police Department and abide by the Roanoke County Police Department's residency requirement. Subject to a complete criminal history background search with acceptable results. Must also be able to perform the job as described in the Physical and Environmental Demands section of this job description

Supervisory Responsibilities



Benefits are available to full-time positions only.

County of Roanoke Virginia

5204 Bernard Drive

Roanoke, Virginia, 24018