Learning Technology Specialist / Learning Technologist

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Posted on November 6, 2020

Learning Technology Specialist / Learning Technologist


Job Summary
:  The role of the Learning Technology Specialist is to work in collaboration with Curriculum and Technology teams to assure quality and accuracy of learning technology deliverables via course administration and publishing with various delivery options (LMS, SCORM Cloud, etc.), management and organization of course files and related assets, technical Q/A of modules and troubleshooting issues with learners. Role will be expected to perform minor revisions, ad-hoc edits and publishing of e-learning courses using content development tools (e.g. Articulate Storyline and Rise).

Major Accountabilities:

  • Organize and manage e-learning content library with regard to delivery. Includes publishing content in various formats; maintaining updates to courseware in Learning Management System (LMS), Rustici SCORM Cloud, and HTML/FTP implementations; and tracking and versioning of content included in customized client programs.

  • Perform Quality Assurance on technical components of online course content (including course launch/display, proper navigation functionality, assessment reporting, interactivity function, “Print” pdf link/launch, etc.) and other blended-learning content types as needed. Requires understanding and use of e-learning development platforms (e.g. Articulate Storyline).

  • Ensure content integrity by performing regular regression testing of content across commonly used platforms (e.g. operating systems, devices, and web browsers).

  • Coordinate efforts between Curriculum and Account Management teams, content developers, and external vendors to ensure learning solutions delivery is timely and of professional quality.

  • Maintain continuous learning in the field of instructional technologies and tools, including but not limited to e-learning development and delivery platforms, learning management systems, and identified technologies used by our clients, with the goal of integrating design, development, and delivery for a consistent and high-quality end user experience.

  • Assist the Learning Technology lead with client-hosted programs (including participating in client calls, documenting solutions, testing and troubleshooting, and implementation)

  • Assist Student Services team by serving as a Tier 2 technical support contact for troubleshooting of escalated student issues related to e-learning access and course issues.


  • eLearning Delivery/Administration
    • Learning Management System administration
    • Rustici SCORM Cloud administration
    • Third-party API integration (SCORM Cloud API; etc.)

  • eLearning Development (and related) Software
    • Articulate Storyline/Rise
    • SCORM 1.2
    • TinCan / xAPI

  • Basic audio and video editing abilities with Adobe software
  • Working knowledge or desire to learn web programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and database languages like MySQL

  • Microsoft Office expertise (Word, Excel, Outlook)

  • Troubleshooting / Problem Solving skills

  • Skilled and self-motivated; recommends and implements innovative technical solutions using existing software and infrastructure


Minimum Education Required:

Professional experience in tasks similar to the position's primary responsibilities (web development, eLearning development, LMS administration, etc.) is the primary criteria. A Computer Science, Information Technology, or similar degree is ideal, but practical experience and skill level will be the determining factors.


Experience Required:

Applicants will be expected to showcase a self-motivated solutions-oriented mindset, and familiarity/ease with general technology. Past instances of innovative thinking; problem-solving initiative taking; and design, development, and implementation of technological solutions will be considered as experience for this position. Experience in e-learning, instructional technology, and/or web development are preferred but not required.


Email Resume and Cover Letter to :

Lauren Harbert